Vilmer i varmen


Illustrated by Vesle Cosman Brøndum. The series is about Valdemar who lives in a house with a tiled stove with his mother and father. But someone else also lives in the house - inside the stove - and that is Vilmer, a fire elf. Inside there are houses and streets, lanterns and tricks.

The three books are illustrated by my eldest son Vesle, who was 15 at the time. So both the books and the drawings are homemade. The series consists of VILMER AND VALDEMAR, VILMAR IN VILDREDE and VILMER IN THE HEAT.

"Three stories about fire elves with the 4-year-old Valdemar and the fire elf Vilmer in the main roles. Stories of a completely different and more cozy nature than the style of the bloodthirsty Doña with her favorite dish, poisonous snake porridge. A story about the fire elves is a book for the little ones. Books that chew on good words like 'fox sleep', 'crocodile tears' and 'daydreams' (Politiken)